Bankruptcy in Arizona Safely: A Guide to Understanding Bankruptcy Fraud and Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona


Considering bankruptcy as a financial option can be overwhelming, especially if you're unfamiliar with the process. Stories of bankruptcy fraud may add to your concerns, leaving you wondering about the potential [...]

Understanding the 180-Day Rule in Bankruptcy: A Guide for Arizonians


by Arizona Bankruptcy Lawyer, Alison C. Briggs In the realm of bankruptcy law, navigating the various rules and regulations can be daunting. Among these rules, the 180-day rule holds significant importance, particularly for [...]

Navigating Bankruptcy in Phoenix & Tucson, Arizona: Impact on Divorce & Family Law


Filing for bankruptcy can be a complex and life-changing decision, especially when dealing with divorce and family law matters in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. This blog aims to explore how filing [...]

The Squeeze: Soaring Housing Costs & The Road To Bankruptcy In Tempe & Phoenix, Arizona


The rising cost of living in Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona, has cast a shadow of financial uncertainty over many residents. Skyrocketing home prices and rent costs have created a perfect storm, [...]

Finding Financial Freedom: Top Reasons People File for Bankruptcy in Tempe, Arizona


Financial struggles can cast a dark cloud over anyone's life, making it difficult to see a way out. In Tempe, Arizona, where residents work hard and strive for financial stability, it's [...]

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