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Arizona Bankruptcy Process

infographic: the bankruptcy timelineHow Bankruptcy works in Mesa, Arizona

There is preparation involved in filing bankruptcy, but after consideration and understanding the Arizona bankruptcy process, your financial situation looks promising. Chapter Bankruptcy Lawyers will help you achieve your financial goals through your right to bankruptcy protection.

Many clients who seek a solution to their overwhelming debt stress for some time before finally readying themselves for bankruptcy. When the decision made to file for bankruptcy, Arizona residents seek the advice and expert representation of our bankruptcy team.

We’re at Your Side — Our Law Firm and Bankruptcy Team Will Assist you Throughout the Entire Legal Process

After our firm files either Chapter 7 (debt elimination) or Chapter 13 (debt reorganization) on your behalf, the automatic stay immediately goes into effect. This means that all contact and collection efforts by creditors to collect debt must cease.  Our firm handles any communication with the creditor if they wish to talk about debt.

Part of our services at Chapter Bankruptcy Lawyers include teaching our clients about how bankruptcy works and how creditors and banks use various methods to get money owed to them. Many times, creditors use harassment and scare tactics, despite regulations.

One Phone Call to Chapter Bankruptcy Lawyers Can End Creditor Harassment

Not only will Chapter Bankruptcy Lawyers stop creditors from collection actions, our firm offers payment options for legal services, and flexible office hours. Our legal team will assist you with the paperwork and documentation necessary for filing. Once a bankruptcy is filed and confirmed, a trustee is appointed to the case. A Meeting of Creditors hearing (overseen by the trustee) is held, then a discharge is granted.

After a bankruptcy is completed, our law firm provides the necessary information and tools our clients need to immediately start rebuilding credit. Getting a clean financial slate and a fresh start is just the beginning to a promising future without the stress of debt. Bankruptcy will provide you with a debt-free new beginning, and we will provide you with the skills necessary to build a successful financial future.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people in Arizona file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


Getting a fresh financial start and wiping out debt begins with a FREE CONSULTATION and debt evaluation with our experienced Arizona Bankruptcy attorney. Chapter Bankruptcy Lawyers offers expert legal representation and $0 down to file your bankruptcy.

• Chapter 7 Bankruptcy • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  • Eliminate Debt with $0 Down • Free Debt Evaluation • Experienced, Trusted Attorney

After evaluating your debt, our attorney will recommend the best means by which to wipe out your debt. Next, upon qualifying for our program, you pay $0 down for legal fees. A payment arrangement is agreed upon in order to make low monthly payments for post-filing costs. 


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