Clients who choose to seek bankruptcy protection as the best means to eliminate debt have a fear losing their doctor if they file bankruptcy to discharge medical debt owed.

Doctor bills are unsecured debt. Unsecured debt may be wiped out in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. When a bankruptcy is filed,  and money is owed to a doctor, this debt and creditor is required to be listed in your bankruptcy petition.  Filing bankruptcy on your doctor doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change physicians. Basically, even if you intend on paying the medical debt, it is unavoidable that it be documented on the bankruptcy paperwork. 

It is possible that your doctor will drop you as a patient if you discharge the money you owe in a bankruptcy, as long as you’re not needing emergency care..  A federal law requires a person seeking emergency medial treatment at an emergency department be treated and stabilized. 

On the other hand, a doctor may understand your financial situation, offer payment options, and continue treating you. It does depend on what kind of relationship you have with your physician and if you are able to pay back money owed to the doctor after your debt is discharged in bankruptcy.