What Bankruptcy Cannot Do:

Bankruptcy is an option for many debt problems, but it is not the cure-all for every financial problem. Bankruptcy may not be the right choice for each client. We encourage you to take advantage of our firm’s free consultation with an experienced Arizona Bankruptcy Law attorney in order to discuss your specific case. A debt evaluation will give you answers and options and our bankruptcy team can help you determine if a bankruptcy is the right move toward your financial goals.

Bankruptcy can wipe out certain debt, but there are some debts that cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy:

  • Back child support, debt dedicated to family support, or alimony obligations
  • Debt caused by DUI or personal injury/death
  • Student loans, unless hardship can be proven
  • Criminal restitution or fines for violating the law
  • Income tax debts (within 3 years) and other tax debt
  • Certain debts of secured creditors