I know what you’re thinking. “Is This Possible, a Zero Down Bankruptcy Filing in Arizona?”

Yes!  Zero down bankruptcy filings are not only possible but you are able to file your bankruptcy with $0 down at our Mesa bankruptcy law firm.  Our professional legal bankruptcy team reviews your debt case. Next, we give you a detailed recommendation on how to wipe out your debt. Then, our law firm offers you a payment arrangement that is ideal for your financial situation.  Call us today for a free consultation and more information on this great program that we are offering.

Tis the Season.  Give Yourself the Gift of a “Fresh Start”

The Holiday season is rapidly approaching.  There are many expenses, gifts, parties, relatives, and traveling take any extra money you may have.  There is no greater time that the stresses of finances and bills rear their ugly head. Christmas and New Year’s is a usual time of year that people refind themselves in a real crunch with credit cards and bill collectors.  Holiday cheer quickly takes a back seat when a person is worried about expenses, medical debt, a forclosure, a wage garnishment or finding their vehicle repossessed while they are out Christmas shopping

Another issue during the holidays is getting along with loved ones.  The holiday season can bring out the worst in everyone. It also brings on an increase in divorces and separations.  Quite often divorces and bankruptcy go hand in hand.  When a household loses a wage earner, frequently it is unable to sustain it’s normal operation.  This situation makes declaring bankruptcy a real possibility. Your fresh start this holiday starts with determining which chapter of bankruptcy you need to file.  

Zero Down Bankruptcy Filing

In Arizona, the 2 most popular kinds of bankruptcy are chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy.  In most chapter 7 cases, our attorneys can file you for zero money down in legal fees. You will have to pay a $335 filing fee for a chapter 7 bankruptcy or a $310 filing fee for a chapter 13.  After filing your case, we make arrangements with you so you can pay off your bankruptcy in easy monthly payments.  

Our payment makes filing bankruptcy affordable.Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a powerful tool to wipe out debt.  If this is the best option for your case, Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you afford to get back on your feet with a fresh start.  In fact, many clients come to our law office desperate to get debt relief from overwhelming debt, wage garnishments, and harassing collection actions from creditors.

Additionally, our zero down bankruptcy filing option offers protection from creditor harassment.  It also, stops a foreclosure, garnishment, phone calls, and lawsuits by creditors. Once we wipe away debt, we see that our program allows our clients to move forward and take back control of their debt – and their lives.  The stress caused by crushing debt affects a person’s personal, mental, physical, professional, and family life.

Why Even Offer Zero Money Down Bankruptcy?

Our Mesa bankruptcy attorney and staff started doing the $0 Down bankruptcy filing option as a way to help out people who could not afford to file bankruptcy in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Phoenix.  Not being able to afford legal assistance can lead to a person losing their vehicle to a repossession, their house to a forclosure, or a portion of their hard earned money to a garnishment. Our Zero Down program can help. 

Our Mesa Bankruptcy Lawyer Ryan Dorn got into this profession because he wanted to help people.  This “$0 Down BK option” helps clients to have a successful bankruptcy.  Additionally, It also stops creditor collection efforts, stops garnishments all while allowing the client to pay for their BK on a set schedule.

Many people in Arizona need to file for Bankruptcy. 

We have filed bankruptcy for thousands of people in Arizona.  We know that these people who need to file for bankruptcy are not deadbeats. Quite often, these are good people facing an unfortunate situation.  Our Arizona bankruptcy attorneys believe in the people needing to file bankruptcy enough to offer this service. We believe in YOU enough to offer this service.

Something to consider as we are heading into the new year is getting a “Fresh Start” through our Zero Down Bankruptcy Filing.  The no money down bankruptcy filing will be the perfect solution as chances are the bevy of Christmas presents and holiday expenses have left you without enough money to pay for a bankruptcy lawyer in advance.  If you had to wait and save $1200 or more to pay an experienced Arizona bankruptcy lawyer, how long would you have to wait before you could get the much needed debt relief.

Start the New Year off right, contact our Nevada bankruptcy attorneys about filing for bankruptcy with $0 down.  Use our Zero Down Bankruptcy Filing to get you a “Fresh Start” to the New Year.