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Complete the Majority of Your Bankruptcy Over the Phone

bankruptcy by phoneMany Clients in Mesa and Tempe find it difficult to find a time for an appointment at our office. There are reasons that our clients can’t get into the bankruptcy office, so bankruptcy by phone is a possibility, and the right solution for you.

Chapter Bankruptcy Lawyers offers bankruptcy by phone program for clients who need bankruptcy assistance but are unable to come to the office to meet with an attorney. Our debt relief experts can help you in completing the entire bankruptcy process over the phone. Our law firm has experienced great success with this program. If they choose, clients who use bankruptcy by phone never have to enter the office. Clients do, however, have to attend the bankruptcy hearing.

With today’s technology, Chapter Bankruptcy Lawyers makes legal representation convenient for Arizona residents. Bankruptcy by phone helps our firm accommodate our clients who need our debt relief services, but do not prefer the in-office approach.

For your convenience, or your preference, our law firm can begin your bankruptcy over the telephone. Nearly the entire bankruptcy can be completed from your office or home over the phone. If filing bankruptcy is in the best interest of your financial debt situation, an attorney can assist you with a no-obligation, free consultation and debt evaluation.

Free, no-obligation phone consultation and debt evaluation

If you would like to consult with an experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorney over the phone, contact our office to schedule a NO-OBLIGATION, FREE consultation and debt evaluation. An attorney will evaluate your individual case and debt, discuss the details of the debt, then provide debt relief options available for your situation. During your consultation, a lawyer will help you understand the bankruptcy law and how it applies to your specific debt situation. Next, you can find out which options are best for eliminating debt for you and your family.

Let Chapter Bankruptcy Lawyers help you through the process of seeking bankruptcy protection. If you are overwhelmed and stressed about the possibility of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, our law firm will protect your rights and pursue the best method for debt relief assistance. Our bankruptcy team is professional, trusted, and compassionate towards our clients. We don’t judge debt or clients: our approach helps clients determine the most effective manner to erase debt and get a fresh start and a promising financial future.

Finally, if you need a bankruptcy filed cheaply, Chapter Bankruptcy Lawyers can file your Arizona Bankruptcy and offer payment options and low fees. Contact our law firm today to schedule an in-office appointment or Bankruptcy by Phone option.

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Getting a fresh financial start and wiping out debt begins with a FREE CONSULTATION and debt evaluation with our experienced Arizona Bankruptcy attorney. Chapter Bankruptcy Lawyers offers expert legal representation and $0 down to file your bankruptcy.

• Chapter 7 Bankruptcy • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  • Eliminate Debt with $0 Down • Free Debt Evaluation • Experienced, Trusted Attorney

After evaluating your debt, our attorney will recommend the best means by which to wipe out your debt. Next, upon qualifying for our program, you pay $0 down for legal fees. A payment arrangement is agreed upon in order to make low monthly payments for post-filing costs. 


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